Marketing Agency | Should You Hire One For Social Media?

There isn’t really a straight-forward YES or NO to this question. It all comes down to details. Every business is going to be different and has different goals. If you are a small local bakery in a town of 20,000 people, your marketing goals are not going to be the same as a big city corporation. Take these points into consideration when deciding if you need a social media marketing agency or if you can manage your social media on your own.


As we just mentioned, the size of your business is going to really be the ultimate deciding factor here. Are you busy enough day-to-day that you really don’t have time to put towards social media? Are you targeting an audience large enough that you need constant eyes on your channels, networking, listening and posting content? Or are you targeting a rather small audience with less engagement?

If you are just operating a 1 man show kinda business, then it’s probably safe to say that you can run your own social media and save yourself some money. But if you’ve got a huge company with tons of staff, huge revenue, and even bigger goals, then taking one more thing off your plate is probably the smartest move.


Most would assume that if you run a big business you’ve probably got the budget to hire a marketing agency to do your social media marketing and if you’re operating a Mom & Pop Shop then you most likely don’t. BUT we all know what assuming does…(ass-u-me…you get it).

marketing agency

You may very well be running an extremely successful small business that leaves you no time for social media and a budget that welcomes it. Or maybe you’re a budget-conscious CEO who won’t allow extra spending. Whatever the case, social media marketing comes with a cost, so if your budget says yes, we say yes too!


Social media marketing is not as easy as it sounds. There is a crap ton of “behind the scenes” shenanigans that go on in the back end of a good social media strategy. If you know nothing about it and simply don’t care to know anything about it (it’s okay, we’re not judging you) then an agency is probably the next phone call you should make.

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On the flip side…maybe you’ve always had a knack for catchy writing and cool graphics and you just happen to know how to run a proper ad campaign on Facebook. In this case, you’re already a rock-star and can do just fine with your social channels.

Perhaps you have a new team member who seems like a solid candidate for a promotion to “social media manager” but he’s a little rusty with his marketing skills. Send him (or her) for training! It’s easier on the budget, takes the job off your plate AND helps you reach your marketing goals. That’s a WIN-WIN-WIN. (Who else loves winning?)


When it all comes down to it, only YOU know what is best for your business, your budget and your goals. Are you ready to take some training and tackle it all on your own OR are you ready to pass off the task to some other nut job who is crazy enough to LOVE social media marketing?

Whatever route you choose, we have faith that it will all be OKAY! If you need some training before launching your business pages or need someone to look after it for you, we might know someone.