Post Ideas | Step Up Your Content Game With New Ideas

As the one in charge of your company’s social media channels or your own for that matter, constantly coming up with new, exciting and engaging post ideas can sometimes be a real pain in the ass. If you always post the same type of content, your followers will quickly lose interest. 

When trying to come up with new ideas, you need to stay on brand and keep your posts related to your type of service or industry, but that doesn’t mean you can’t think outside the box and spice things up a little…in fact, we encourage always spicing it up. 

Ask a Question

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This is a super-easy way to get some engagements on your post. Asking your followers a simple question can leave the comments section open for more conversation. Depending on your audience, you can push the limits a little and ask about something controversial going on in the world for a bit of extra spice.

Asking questions is also a fun post idea to figure out what your customers want. It’s a subtle marketing tactic that can help you develop products or services, improve in weaker areas and gives you a chance to pick the brain of your audience. 

Share A Personal Story or Experience

Without sharing names and any inappropriate details, sharing a story on social media is a wicked way to spark a conversation with followers. What do people love more than reading a good short story? They LOVE to tell their own. Your followers will be quick to respond with ” That’s crazy! But guess what happened to me…” now, you’ve instantly engaged a ton of your followers. The beauty of sharing a story is that it doesn’t really need to be related to your business. But brownie points if it is. 

Seek The Help of Your Awesome Followers

Much like storytelling, we guarantee your followers will be quick to give their input. So make a post asking for help to name your new mascot, new puppy or goldfish. Maybe you’re looking to update your logo, post a few different variations of it and ask which one they like most. Or, maybe you’re thinking of switching cell phone brands so you want to seek some genuine input on which brand you should choose. Whatever feedback you’re looking for, your following will not hesitate on giving their 2 cents, so be sure to add this to your list of post ideas.

Share A Trending Article

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There is always something going on in the world. Whether it’s serious news, the newest Netflix craze or the next insane thing the Kardashians are up too, there is ALWAYS trending news. Share a link to an article and ask to hear everyone’s thoughts on it. Try to keep the article somewhat related to your brand, but if it’s just HUGE NEWS and not relevant, then that’s okay too. Sharing a quick article is an easy and effective post idea.  

Celebrate The Weird Holidays of The World 

Maybe one of the best post ideas (and easiest). There is literally a “holiday” or day designated to celebrate just about everything these days, so it’s almost impossible not to find a few that you can share on your social media. Some of these insane days are just nonsense and let’s be honest, are not real “days to celebrate” but still, it’s a fun addition to your social content. You can now acknowledge days like

  • Banana Day
  • Hug Your Cat Day
  • World Octopus Day 
  • Bow-tie Day

There are hundreds to choose from and one for every day of the year. So find some that are still relevant to your brand and have some fun with them. 

Everyone Loves a Good Meme

Be honest, when was the last time a meme came up on your newsfeed and you scrolled past it without reading? Probably never, because everyone loves a good meme. You can share ones that are relevant to your business or create your own.

Repurpose Your Blogs

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If you’ve got an awesome blog up on your website and you’re not reposting the blog content as posts then you’ve been missing out. When it comes to recycling your blog, you can either post a link to a whole blog post and encourage followers to read it or you can break it up. Grab random sections from the blog and BAM you’ve got 15 new post ideas! Now, obviously they all came from the same blog about the same thing, so don’t post those “snippets” all in one week, space them out over several months. 

Share the “Behind the Scenes” of Your Business

When birthdays, birth announcements and promotions are being celebrated in the office, SHARE THEM! Part of being on social media is being social and allowing your target audience to put faces to your brand. So snap some quick pictures from the next morning meeting, Christmas party or whatever else you all get up to in a day and share it on social. This is a really easy post idea that doesn’t require much planning and can be posted on the fly. 


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Videos are like the shiny new toy that everyone is interested in. Video content is dominating all social media platforms and gaining some crazy engagement from people’s followers. So sit down with your team and start brainstorming what types of videos you could be posting. Trying shooting something for a new promo, sale, or offer coming up. 

What Other Post Ideas Are There? 

Really, the sky’s the limit. These are just a few good post ideas to get your creative juices flowing and to get you started. Each brand will have a ton of different ideas that will fall under one of these post types and creating content often leads to ideas for other great posts. Gather your whole team and host a huge brainstorming session! 2 heads are better than one.