How To Continue Marketing During COVID-19

One minute we were all just going to work, hitting the gym and going for dinner with friends and the next minute the whole world was in lockdown. Okay, so WE (as in us specifically) weren’t going to the gym, like ever…but we know many of you were. The point is, COVID-19 hit just a few short weeks ago and it hit hard. This pandemic has led people to do some extreme things that they wouldn’t normally do. Things like buying every roll of toilet paper in a 300 km radius, stocking up on food like it was the zombie Apocalypse and shutting down their social media marketing. 

This is truly a tough time for everyone. The COVID-19 pandemic will be one for the history books and will be talked about for years to come. But as a business owner, how do you stay afloat? How do you keep your business going? While it’s important to find ways to cut costs, it’s equally as important to continue to market your business during this time. 

How can you keep up with marketing during a pandemic? We’ll guide you through some tips, tricks and marketing strategies that will benefit you and your business in a desperate time.  

Be Mindful of Your Posts During COVID-19


While social media marketing is super important right now (let’s be real, more of the world is online right now than ever before) it’s just as important to post the right kind of content. We’re not saying that you need to post every day about something COVID-19 related, but it’s probably not the best time to encourage people to take a trip or come in for a mani-pedi. 

Businesses are going to be forced to think outside the box right now when it comes to their social media marketing strategy. Let’s say you’re a travel agency…right now, it’s almost impossible for you to book a client because airlines and all travel have basically been temporarily “banned”. So how do you keep marketing on social media? Instead of posting which places people should go, or a sale on flight seats, or the # of virus cases across the globe, post things like; 

  • recipes from other countries
  • interesting facts
  • a great history podcast about a place like Pompeii
  • keep clients updated on the travel status as COVID-19 continues
  • post car games that families could use when they need to get out for a drive 
  • let people know you are there and what your team is doing to help flatten the curve 

Does it all make sense? Don’t stop posting, but post things to put your follower’s minds at ease, to help them think of future places they could go or to learn about the world. Keep your content light during a time like this. 

Practise Social Distancing While Still Running Your Business and Managing Your Team


So many businesses have moved their product or service online during COVID-19 which is the perfect response to a pandemic. Don’t just close up shop if you absolutely don’t have to, do what you can where you can to keep your business running. If you can offer webinars, training or advice via webchat…do it. Can you do contactless delivery of your products? Why not offer your food or beverages for delivery & takeout only. 

With no places to really go and let’s face it, not a whole lot to do, people are still looking for little ways to keep feeling normal. Things, like buying something online or ordering dinner in one night a week, can really help people feel better about the current situation and it means you still have customers!  

If you’ve made the switch to delivery, pick up only or online, don’t forget to communicate it to your followers. Let them know about your new options and procedures in place and don’t forget to thank them for their continued business. 

Learn to Master Your Own Social Media Marketing


Some social media channels have seen as much as a 40% increase in the number of daily users since COVID-19 hit. This is a solid sign that you need to keep your business in front of your customers. If marketing is one of the places you’ve had to cut back on to save money, then why not learn how to do it yourself?

With the help of a social media marketing professional, you can learn all the ins and outs of doing your own SMM. Blackbear Social Media offers a wicked one-on-one training session that will teach you everything you need to know about marketing your business on social platforms. We can help you create content that “works” during this crisis and show you how to stay connected with your customers. If your entire team is working from home and needs to freshen up on their social media knowledge, Blackbear can help with that too.

We understand it’s a scary time and as of now, we have no idea when this will end. But from one small business owner to another, we want to see success all around! Put in a serious fight for the empire you’ve spent so much time building and don’t give up hope.