10 Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Almost half the world’s population is using some sort of social media channel every single day, yet so many business owners are still asking…what are the benefits of social media? Why should my business be on Facebook, or LinkedIn or Twitter? Well…

There are so many reasons for your business to be on at least one or two social media platforms but we don’t want to bore you, so we’ve just listed out 10 of the best. 

Increase Your Brand Awareness

Did you read how many people are using social media daily? Almost half the world’s population! We would put a million bucks on it that there are thousands of people out there who would be interested in your brand and what you have to offer. But how would you connect with people world-wide without the help of a social media platform? 

Keep Your Brand in Front of Your Audience

Most people on social media will check in at least once a day and many even do it several times a day. So doesn’t it just make sense to have your brand in front of your audience each time they pop online? If you’re posting great content, they will enjoy seeing your posts and you’ll be the first place they think of when it comes time to purchase.

Put a Face to Your Brand

With so many scams and spammy things out there, building a relationship and credibility with your followers gives them great peace of mind. This is one of the best benefits of social media for your business. If you build a reputation with your audience and build trust, you’ll not only be the first place they want to spend their money, but they will also have no trouble telling others about your brand. 

Figure Out What Your Audience Wants

Being on social media platforms gives you the chance to “listen” for what your audience is looking for, what is being said about your brand, what competitors are saying and more. You then have the chance to use those insights and act on them.

Engage Directly With Your Customers

The benefits of social media don’t work if you don’t. Getting your business on a platform allows you to directly engage with each customer. Traditional media doesn’t allow two-way communications, but social media does! Quickly responding to questions and comments is another way to build your trust with customers. Reply to each comment on your posts and you’ll find that more and more people will engage with your stuff. 

Increase Your Website Traffic Using Social Media

benefits of social media

Social media ads and posting are great ways to quickly get your followers over to your website where you can then convert those clicks into new customers, share a new blog post or an offer. Be sure your website link is correct in all your social media profiles and if the platform allows pinned posts, try pinning a post that has your website link.

Run Easy & Cost Effective Promotions

If you’re having a sale on a new product or offering a discount on your service, social media is a fast and easy way to spread the news . You can use tools like Facebook’s offer option so customers can get their coupon code and save with just a few clicks. Using a social platform to run contests and giveaways is another great benefit to social media marketing. 

Target Your Audience For Better Advertising

benefits of social media

Most social media platforms that allow paid ads, also allow you to target your audience. So instead of wasting a ton of money targeting everyone in your area, and hoping your ideal customers see it, you can narrow your audience right down to their gender, age group and interests. Being able to target YOUR ideal audience and market saves you a ton of ad spend dollars.

Offer Quick Customer Care

Angry customers want one thing…and that’s to be heard. With the benefits of social media, you can quickly address a customer concern and leave that person feeling heard and happy. Even the angriest of customers just want to be heard and FAST. The longer you take to reply, the more irate they will get. If you can work with them and hear them quickly, you will be much more successful at turning them into a happy customer.  

Easily Handle Reputation Management on Social Media

Social media allows you and your team to be on the lookout for talk about your brand on the web. People are going to talk about you whether you’re on social media or not. So if you’re there and ready, you can quickly (and professionally) correct mistakes or wrong information posted by someone. Don’t forget to share all the great things people say about your brand too! 

We could keep going, but we’re hoping that these 10 benefits of social media marketing are enough for you to realize just how good for business it really is. The best part…it doesn’t have to be complicated. You don’t HAVE to be a total marketing master to run successful social media platforms. That being said, you do have to be consistent with posting, networking and communicating with your customers. If you’re on social media and never do any of these things, it’s worse for your brand than not being on social media all together.

If you’re sitting there thinking…”crap, I need to get my butt in gear and get my business on social media” then great, you won’t regret it. If you need some help, social media masters like Blackbear Social Media are here to help. We offer some great training and tools that help small business owners like you learn how to manage successful business pages.

Drop us a line today to learn more about what our services can do for you!