The Instagram Story |A Marketing Tool You Need to Be Using

instagram story

If you’re on any social media channel, regardless of which one, you’ve probably noticed the rate at which things change. Things like algorithms, rules, layouts and trending posts and stories are always switching things up to keep us on our toes. Some of the changes we’ve seen on social media are fantastic and some are…

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How To Continue Marketing During COVID-19


One minute we were all just going to work, hitting the gym and going for dinner with friends and the next minute the whole world was in lockdown. Okay, so WE (as in us specifically) weren’t going to the gym, like ever…but we know many of you were. The point is, COVID-19 hit just a…

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10 Benefits of Social Media Marketing

benefits of social media

Almost half the world’s population is using some sort of social media channel every single day, yet so many business owners are still asking…what are the benefits of social media? Why should my business be on Facebook, or LinkedIn or Twitter? Well… There are so many reasons for your business to be on at least…

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TikTok Marketing | How you can use TikTok to market your business

TikTok marketing

If you haven’t heard of TikTok by now it’s probably because you’re over the age of 30, and apparently “old people” shouldn’t be on TikTok. But that’s just plain insulting…Baby Boomers, Gen X’s and Millennials like to make total fools of ourselves online too (sometimes). TikTok marketing is a thing and businesses everywhere are using…

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Post Ideas | Step Up Your Content Game With New Ideas

post ideas

As the one in charge of your company’s social media channels or your own for that matter, constantly coming up with new, exciting and engaging post ideas can sometimes be a real pain in the ass. If you always post the same type of content, your followers will quickly lose interest.  When trying to come…

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What Is Social Media Marketing and Why Do I Need It?

social media marketing

There are always a ton of questions circling the whole “social media marketing” thing such as; What is social media marketing? Why do I need it? What do I have to do to get my business on social platforms? How do I network on social media? How does social media marketing benefit me, my business…

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